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East Caprivi, Impalila Island & Chobe River
When one travels from Katima to Ngoma Border Post, the Eastern Caprivi with it's totally different landscape lies before you.  There is not many tourism enterprises along the route, although one must not miss driving along the smaller routes to your next destination.  From Lake Liambezi, that has been dry for 28 years, along the little villages.  Only Camp Chobe can be reached easily from the B8 tar road to Ngoma.    Most of the other lodges can only be reached  from the Botswana town of Kasane, going through customs and with a transfer.  Houseboats are also abundant in this area, enjoy the wildlife and birds along the river, or go angling with the tenderboats.
Lake Liambezi and the Eastern Caprivi
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Lake Liambezi - fishing again after 28 dry years
African Fish Eagles are abundant.
Drinking on the Chobe River
One of the 3 sister baobab trees.
Giraffe on the Chobe
Hippos are so large when outside the water!
A big Kudu Bull
Camp Sites: Camp Chobe YF, R, Bird, Fish, Selfcater
  Salambala Community Campsite YF, R, Bird, Selfcater
Lodges: Camp Chobe YF, R, El, Bird, Activities
  Chobe Savanah Lodge R, El, Bird
  Zovu Elephant Lodge R, El, Bird, Activities,
Impalila Lodges Ntwala Lodge El, Ex,Bird, Activities
  Ichingo Lodge R, El, Bird, Activities
Houseboats Ichobezi R, El, Bird, Activities
  Zambezi Queen Ex
  Nguni Voyager Ex
  Shamwari Houseboat R, El, Bird, Activities
Fuel, Doctors,Pharmacy: Only in Katima  
Border Post Ngoma - to Botswana Open 07h00 to 18h00
A Buffalo Bull, drinking after being wounded in a fight with another bull about teritory.
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2 Other routes: 
after Bukalo turn south east to Lake Liambezi, The 3 Baobab Sisters.
In Bukalo, turn North West to Kabbe, see the Kabbe Church, See the Makalani Palms at Lusesse. A trip to Schuckmansburg, the first capital of the Caprivi, should only be taken guided. The Northern part of this eastern region is a floodland and should not be attempted to be driven along in flooding times, from March to June. While places like Savanah and Zovu can be reached by road in the Dry times, there are a lot of small rods to other areas and one ends up lost quite fast - do not attempt to drive without a propper guide (avoid roadside picked up guide).  
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Join Tutwa on a Birding Safari to the Chobe, looking for the rare birds, eg Black-Cheeked lovebirds and more!