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Kwando Region
Most lodges and camps have nature/game drives into the Park closest to them.  Horseshoe in the Bwabwata is mostly frequented by the lodges that lies to the upper side - where Namibia is on the other side of the Kwando.  Lodges that lies on the parts where the Kwando forms the border with Botswana, mostly likely go to Mudumu Park.   Nkasa Lupala Tented Camp is the only accommodation inside the Mamili - now called Nkasa Rupara National Park and is a very unique concept.

Remember:  When traveling from EAST to WEST (Thus from Chobe to Katima, to Kongola and then on the way to Rundu, Police and Veterinary Checkpoints may stop you anywhere for treatments against Foot-and-Mouth Disease.  This disease is very dangerous to animals, and your assistance is required: please be patient while they spray your car's underside and ask you to take all your shoes to the wiping pad and wipe the soles.  They may confiscate meat that is not vacuum packed or have permits as this meat may have the virus inside.
It is a very tedious and un-thankful job they have: to ensure the safety of our country's wildlife.      Contact us should you require more info.
Driving from Divundu / Rundu, you leave the Bwabwata National Park  over the checkpoint and bridge at Kongola Station.  The little town of Kongola is about 2 km after that.  The newly road down the Kwando River, to make the lodges all more accessible to small cars, is very nearly finished and tarred.  The road goes south along the Kwando, with well marked turn-offs to the lodges and camps.    The turnoffs for Nambwa and Susuwe are still inside the park, turning off to the south and they are only reachable with 4X4, and must have prior knowledge of your arrival.  The turnoff to Bumhill is close to the turnoffs to Nambwa and Susuwe, but going to the north.  Fuel is readily available at Kongola.  Kongola is 120 km away from Katima Mulilo, the main town of the Zambezi, along the B8 main road, or 170 km via Linyanti, the town where the regional Kutha and the Chief of the Mafwe People reside.
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Bumhill Community Campsite - Sponsored by Katima Waterfront Tourism Park
Sponsored by Katima Waterfront Tourism Park
Sponsored by Katima Waterfront Tourism Park
     Sponsored by
Katima Waterfront
     Tourism Park       
Malyo Wilderness Camp
Camp Sites: Nambwa Campsite (Bwabwata Park) YF, R, Bird, Selfcater
  Mazambala Lodge & Camp YF, R, Bird, Selfcater
  Mukolo Campsite YF, R, Bird, Selfcater
  Mashi Riverboat Safaris YF, R, Bird, Selfcater, Activities
  Namushasha River Lodge YF, R, Bird, Selfcater, Activities
  Camp Kwando YF, R, Bird, Selfcater, Activities
  Malyo Wilderness Camp YF, R, Bird, Selfcater, Activities
Lodges: Mazambala Island Lodge YF, R, Bird, Activities
  Susuwe Island lodge El, Ex, Bird, Activities
  Namushasha River Lodge El, Bird, Activities
  Camp Kwando Tented YF, R, El, Bird, Activities
  Malyo Wilderness Tented YF, R, Selfcater ,Bird, Activities
  Lianshulu Lodge El, Ex, Dis ,Bird, Activities
  Bush Camp YF, R, El, Bird, Activities
  Nkasa Lupala Tented Camp El, Bird, Activities
Visit Horseshoe in Bwabwata Park 4 X 4 Only if selfdriving
  Singalamwe Living Museum (Guided Tour)
  Kongola & Mashi Crafts Locally produced Crafts
  Lizauli Traditional Village (guided Tour)
Fuel : Kongola Engen  
Doctors, Hospital,  Pharmacy Inside Katima Only, 120+ km to East.  
Border Post None  
Basic Shop Kongola  
Waterlillies on the Kwando
A Carmine Bee-eater
On the Elephant Trek-Route
A Crested Barbet
Lioness Waiting
Beautiful Sunsets on the Kwando
Beautiful Sunsets on the Kwando
A Black Crake walks on Lillies
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